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Learning as a Teacher

Through the internship programme organized by the Southern Cross University in Australia, Hong Kong students Ho Wing-in Renee gained access to a different education system which opened her mind.

She was assigned to work in Lismore Public School, a government school with around 300 students and 40 staff. Apart from normal education, the school also provides specialized and individualized learning for children with disabilities. “I am impressed by its balanced curriculum which aims to provide equal opportunities and rights for children with special needs,” Renee remarks.

She once joined a music lesson catering for a small group of kids with intellectual disabilities. “The kids enjoyed the music very much. They smiled and moved their bodies to the music happily. I was delighted to see these disabled kids being able to enjoy school life. In Australia, the comprehensive education system has system has well catered for their special needs,” Renee comments.

Inspiring moments at school                 
As a teaching assistant in the school, the Language Studies student assisted in different classes and participated in different school events. “During my stay in the school, I spent most of my time in a kindergarten class. It was such a joyful experience as I could play with a group of adorable kids and assist in teaching them,” she says. Renee also took the initiative to help the teacher-in-charge in a range of administrative work. “Despite most of the work such as photocopying being trivial tasks. I took each task seriously and figured out the most efficient ways to finish them,” Renee says.

Every Friday, the school organizes a weekly assembly with different themes. Renee was particularly enlightened by an assembly on the theme of the refugee problem in Australia and featuring a slideshow that displayed different Australian refugee camps in the past decades. “I realized the issue about African people living in Australia and the refugee problem in this developed country. At the end of the assembly, everyone sang a song which advocated the idea of building harmony among different ethnic groups,” she says. “It was a meaningful assembly which raised people’s awareness about a global problem and promoted the idea of social harmony.”

Renee experienced many enjoyable and unforgettable moments. “I had a lesson with some older kids from Grade One and Grade Two. I shared with them my life in Hong Kong. They were very excited to know more about my homeland and kept asking me questions related to Hong Kong,” she says.

Renee thinks the internship experience has helped her cultivate a positive attitude at work and has broadened her horizons. “In a working environment, a good employee should be honest, hard-working and punctual. During my internship, I learnt to take initiative and offer help to my colleagues. Most importantly, I realized quality education is essential for nurturing future leaders and making one country strong,” Renee says.

Renee HO
BA(Hons) in Language Studies for the Professions