Learning @ PolyU

An Invaluable Learning Experience at PolyU - Ms. Angela YANG

As a Chinese mainland student, I came to PolyU majoring in MA in Translating and Interpreting. A whole academic year has passed, and I’ll never forget the invaluable learning experience with the teachers, who are professional, and encouraging, and my dear classmates.

Although a master of Translation, Professor Chu Chi Yu is always kind and humble. He had a way of making translation, a dull subject in many people’s point of view, an appealing course to the students. Dr. Li Kexing is a much respected professor, who always speaks with a tinge of his local dialect. As a most popular teacher, he likes to share his experience with us, and laughter can always be heard in his class. Dr. Li Dechao is the most encouraging teacher I have ever met in my life! With his compliment, students are more willing to learn. There is Mr. Brain Holton, a Scottish professor with perfect mandarin. I’ll never forget him singing Scottish songs as a farewell gift to all of us. And of course, Dr. Cheung Kay-fan Andrew, a teacher of absolute individuality. I only regret that I have but one semester to be his student.

We have twenty six students in one class. We are brothers and sisters. Together as a class, we went to Sai Kung, barbeque; we went to Lan Kwai Fong, scare others and get scared; and we also took a graduation trip to Lamma Island, where we spent two days playing together. The same language and same background tied us closely, I believe, we are friends of lifetime, no matter wherever we go.

The extracurricular activities in PolyU are great. As a native Putonghua speaker and volunteer, I met the athletes from the National Gymnastic Team, having an intimate contact with the stars who have given recognition to our country.

There is a special place for The Inaugural lectures of the Faculty of Humanities in my heart, because this is my first time to do simultaneous interpreting. Just as the motto of PolyU goes like, “to learn and to apply”, in the lectures, I have well applied what I’ve learned in class to practice, and “practice makes perfect”, I believe one day, I’ll be a professional conference interpreter, just like my beloved teachers.

One year’s Master course has come to an end, and I’ll soon find a job, either in Hong Kong or in Chinese mainland. But wherever I go, I will forever cherish this one-year study in PolyU. PolyU, my home in Hong Kong.

Angela Yang
Alumnus 2008/09
MA in Translating and Interpreting