Learning @ PolyU

Sharing by Pierandrea FALCHI

I have been given the great opportunity to enrich my Chinese language comprehension by being immersed into a deep culture learning about different aspects of Chinese culture. Not only Putonghua, but also Cantonese was offered as language courses! Hence, what better chance to become more part of the Chinese environment? In a world where China dynamically expands in all fields, getting to know the mentality of your future coworkers or clients is definitely a great competitive advantage as a foreigner.

I personally attended both language courses at different levels, history of China and Hong Kong, comparisons between the Western world and Chinese world, and even a subject about Chinese culture transmitted through films!

Therefore, now I have been given the instruments to understand this side of the world better and going back I would make this choice again.

Pierandrea FALCHI
with a Minor in Chinese Language and Culture (for International Students)