Learning @ PolyU

Sharing by Elly Kim

Time flies. I’m already a second year student in PolyU. In these two years, I have gained lots of good learning experiences and memories. And I feel really satisfied for my learning environments.

FH has many international students, not only me but also those from all over the world such as Malaysian, Korean, Taiwanese and the Mainland China.  Professors and friends are all nice here. By majoring in BACBS (BA in Chinese and Bilingual Studies), it has actually enhanced my bilingual proficiency. The programme requires high proficiency of writing and speaking in both Chinese and English. I’m a Korean and my Chinese is not as good as my peers. Although I have faced some difficulties in learning, Professors and friends have greatly helped me to overcome my difficulties and suggested some advices on learning.

Studying in FH requires a good ability to present your knowledge as well. My presentation skills during these two years have been much improved through various presentations required in different courses. These are some of the new techniques that I have gained from studying in FH.

Overall, I have no regrets about studying in PolyU especially in FH. FH leads me a right way towards my dream and my future wants. I strongly recommend students who wish to study translation, linguistic or bilingual communication to come to the Faculty of Humanities.

Elly KIM
Year 2 Student
BA(Hons) in Chinese and Bilingual Studies