Learning @ PolyU

Sharing by Ka Chun

I started my undergraduate studies majoring in Chinese and Bilingual Studies in PolyU in September 2012 and this was the starting point of my journey of academic enquiry in Linguistics and Translation.

While linguistics may be a boring area to explore to many, I am more than glad to have chosen this profession in PolyU, because the loving professors and lecturers have imparted enormous knowledge on Chinese Linguistics. With the patient and professional guidance of the loving teachers, I really know more about my mother tongue Cantonese. I have got the chance to understand the system of Chinese intellectually – be it the linguistic reasons for the diverse formations of sentences and vocabulary of different dialects, the communicational drives for adopting certain structures of sentences, or the historical pathway of the change in linguistic system of Chinese. With all the knowledge I assimilated, I am able to distinguish, systematically and objectively, educated and rational criticisms from personal likes and dislikes on people’s language proficiency. I am also able to suggest the possible and workable ways of improving language, so that our writings and compositions are more in line with the communicative intentions.

Apart from the linguistic knowledge from my loving teachers, the department has been given us enormous opportunities to work as interns in various organizations and companies so that we can learn through applying the knowledge. We also have a lot of opportunities to take part in exchange programs in various countries.  Although I have not utilized all these golden opportunities, I am still very thankful to the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies because the department has set the curriculum structure flexibly, so that striking a balance between studies and extra-curricular activities is a lot easier.

LEE Ka Chun
BA(Hons) in Chinese and Bilingual Studies