Learning @ PolyU

Sharing by a Minor in Chinese Language and Culture student

— Joycelyn Poi

Taking up Minor in Chinese Language and Culture (for International Students) is a decision that I never regret during my study period at PolyU. The programme gave me a chance to explore additional aspects outside my own major. With careful time management, taking up a minor will not increase much of your study load. As a business student with the obligation to complete 9 credits of free electives, the minor programme not only allows me to fulfil the free elective requirement, it also broadens my knowledge regarding the language and culture of Chinese.

Academically, I have improved both my spoken and written Chinese after completing the minor programme. Some of the subjects that I took provide opportunities for me to delve into Chinese culture where I learnt about related history, festivals, religions and cultures etc. I also had the chances to visit some heritage sites in Hong Kong. These field trips provided a well-rounded learning experience as my lecturers utilised real-life artefacts and settings to explain about Chinese culture and customs.

Overall, I would say that the programme structure has met my expectations and I have had a rewarding learning experience at PolyU taking up this minor.

All pictures were taken during the field visits to heritage sites

POI Li Ling Joycelyn
Final-year student in BBA(Hons) in International Shipping and Transport Logistics
with a Minor in Chinese Language and Culture (for International Students)